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October (-January) Nonprofit of the Month: National Wildlife Federation

By :C S 0 comments
October (-January) Nonprofit of the Month: National Wildlife Federation

Every month we donate 20% of all profits to an organization who focuses on wildlife conservation and habitat protection. Since we just launched, we know sales will need to ramp up, so for our first donation, we will be using profits from our first 4 months, in hopes we can provide a donation that can stretch a little further and do more good. 

We're excited to announce that our very first nonprofit recipient is the National Wildlife Federation. The National Wildlife Federation has been on the frontlines of conservation since their beginnings in 1936 and continuously expanding and adapting their strategies as climate change has accelerated and increased threats to already vulnerable populations and habitats.

NWF has been a prominent leader in the Recovering America's Wildlife Act which has played a role in the conservation success stories of the Bald Eagle, Louisiana Black Bear, New England Cottontail, and the two species, Swift Fox and California Condor, who inspired the names for our Swift Fox 6 House Blend and The Condor Cowboy roasts. 

Learn more about the positive impact the National Wildlife Federation is having on our wildlife.

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