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Pumpkin Spice Coffee is here...already

By :C S 0 comments
Pumpkin Spice Coffee is here...already

There are some self imposed rules I do not break: no Christmas decorations before the day after Thanksgiving and no pumpkin-anything before October 1st.

But I'm here to please and if it's pumpkin spice coffee the people want in September, than pumpkin spice coffee they shall have. 

Before you dive headfirst into a pile of pumpkin beans - let's take a moment to discuss what this means in the world of specialty grade coffee and what it doesn't since coffee of this caliber and flavorings aren't something that typically go hand in hand. 

Just like all of our single origins and coffee blends, our flavored coffee is also roasted to order for peak flavor. Our pumpkin spice coffee begins as a premium grade single origin coffee and natural flavoring is then added by hand while the beans are still warm. The results are subtle notes of pumpkin spice.

This is not commercial grade coffees you can find on your local Target shelves, no shade if this is what you are looking for. With ours, you won't be smacked in the face with an overwhelming pumpkin spice aroma made from artificial flavorings mechanically added to a medium grade coffee that was roasted months in advance resulting in a coffee that smells as pumpkin-y as the day it was created months later masking the fact the coffee is not the freshest.

Our flavored coffees are for those who generally lean towards a higher grade coffee but looking for a little something extra during this festive time of year. It's anything but basic. We recommend you give it a try and serve it up for your friends and family during all of your Fall and winter festivities. You can find this perennial favorite in our Seasonal Roasts section.

But please, let's at least try to wait until November before we start brewing our Holiday blend. (Fine, if it's what the people want, the people shall have.) Now we're off to brew a cup of pumpkin spice coffee for ourselves...rules are meant to be broken. 

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