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Grizzly Bear Breakfast Blend


If you have a case of the morning grizzlies, our Grizzly Breakfast Blend is the cure. A smooth blend of coffee from South America, with a medium roast but maximum caffeine. The perfect blend to pull you out of hibernation mode. 

We named our Breakfast Blend after the iconic Grizzly Bear because our mission is to help raise awareness and funds to protect our wildlife and Grizzly Bears are among those that need protection. Conservation efforts have brought them back from the brink of extinction and but they still remain a threatened species on the Endangered Species Act. Loss of habitat due to logging, mining, oil drilling, and land development are some of their biggest threats. We donate 20% of all profits to the organizations keeping our Grizzlies safe and around for decades to come. 

Roast - Medium


  • Free shipping on purchases $25+



Farm Direct

Right from the farm to our family owned roaster to ensure the freshest beans possible

Roasted To Order

Roasted to order for peak flavor so please allow 2-3 business days before shipping.

Giving Back

We donate 20% of all profits to wildlife protection non-profits every month. Read about our recipients.

Grizzly Breakfast Blend

A smooth blend of coffee from South America.

Roast - Medium


Tasting notes are descriptors of the character, aromas, and flavors of the coffee. They are not added flavors.

Our flavored coffees are lightly infused with flavorings by hand to produce subtle notes of the added flavor.