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The Condor Cowboy Blend


The Condor Cowboy Blend specialty grade coffee with cocoa, caramel, and vanilla notes. Our cowboy blend is a unique mix of medium roasted and dark roasted beans, making it, understandably a customer favorite. 

Wild Kind is on a mission to help protect our wild. The Condor Cowboy Blend is named in honor of the critically endangered California Condor. With approximately 500 remaining in the wild in the entire world, the California Condor nearly became extinct but thanks to the Yurok Tribe and several protection agencies, a pair of condors were recently released into the redwood forests after a 15 year reintroduction project along with various other conservation efforts. The largest threats to the condor are habitat loss and lead poisoning from hunting bullets. That's why Wild Kind Coffee donates 20% of all profits to those working tirelessly to bring the condor back from the brink of extinction as well as other threatened wildlife and every cup of coffee brewed from one of our roasts helps us get that much closer to a world with a healthy California Condor population. 

Notes - Cocoa, caramel, vanilla

Roast - a mix of medium and dark roast

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Farm Direct

Right from the farm to our family owned roaster to ensure the freshest beans possible

Roasted To Order

Roasted to order for peak flavor so please allow 2-3 business days before shipping.

Giving Back

We donate 20% of all profits to wildlife protection non-profits every month. Read about our recipients.

The Condor Cowboy Specialty Grade Coffee Blend

Notes - Cocoa, caramel, & vanilla tones

Roast - Combination of post-roast dark and medium coffee




Tasting notes are descriptors of the character, aromas, and flavors of the coffee. They are not added flavors.

Our flavored coffees are lightly infused with flavorings by hand to produce subtle notes of the added flavor.