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Swift Fox 6 House Blend Espresso


Our 6-bean house blend dark roast espresso is a meticulous blend of coffee from around the world. An elegantly strong and deeply full-bodied roast, delightful on its own or transformed into a cappuccino. As lovers of dark roasts, it was only right for this roast to earn the official title of house blend.

Our mission here at Wild Kind is all about protecting the wild so we named our house blend espresso Swift Fox 6 in honor of the Swift Fox, a fox no bigger than your average house cat. The swift fox was once listed as endangered but thanks to conservation teams and partnerships with Native American tribes, the swift fox now has a population of approximately 800 in North America. They continued to be monitored but after an absence of 50 years, the Swift Fox has been reintroduced to the grasslands of Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.

This is coffee for the wild with heart so 20% of all profits from every bag of Wild Kind Coffee sold is donated to those protecting the Swift Fox and other threatened wildlife. To some, it may just be a great cup of coffee but to us, it's a community of people coming together to help protect our wildlife from extinction. And all you have to do is enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

Roast - Dark

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Farm Direct

Right from the farm to our family owned roaster to ensure the freshest beans possible

Roasted To Order

Roasted to order for peak flavor so please allow 2-3 business days before shipping.

Giving Back

We donate 20% of all profits to wildlife protection non-profits every month. Read about our recipients.

Swift Fox 6 - House Blend 6 Bean Espresso

A dark roast coffee that is perfect for espresso. Made from a blend of 6 different coffees from all over the world.


Tasting notes are descriptors of the character, aromas, and flavors of the coffee. They are not added flavors.

Our flavored coffees are lightly infused with flavorings by hand to produce subtle notes of the added flavor.

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